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  • Nov.13rd.2017 M/V "Maple Leaf 25" was renamed as M/V "CUL SHANTOU" and maiden voyage from Shantou.
  • Jul.2nd.2017 Tianjin branch established.
  • Jul.1st.2017 CULines used new Logo.
  • Jun.20th.2017 Zhuhai to Taiwan Direct Service launched.
  • Oct.30th.2016 Tianjin to Philippines (TTP) Service launched.
  • Sep.20th.2016 China United Shipping Pte. Ltd. opened.
  • Jul.23rd.2016 China to Thailand (CTX) Service launched.
  • Oct.29th.2015 CUL Shining Shipping Co., Ltd. opened.
  • Oct.17th.2015 CULines opened new South China to Taiwan Direct Express (SCT3).
  • Jun.26th.2015 Guangzhou branch established.
  • Jul.13rd.2015 Taiwan branch established.
  • May.17th.2015 China to India Sub-continent Service (CISC) launched.
  • Nov.14th.2014 Owned MV "ZHONG LIAN HAI XIA" was launched.
  • Jul.9th.2014 South China to Taiwan Direct Service (NSCT1) launched.
  • Apr.3rd.2014, CULines raised its corporate capital and changed the Chinese corporate name from previous "洋浦中诚联合航运有限公司" to be "中联航运有限公司".
  • Oct.30th.2013 Tianjin/Qingdao to Taiwan service launched.
  • Oct.22nd.2013 Hong Kong Branch (C.U.LINES LTD) established at Hong Kong.
  • Aug.24th.2013 South China to Taiwan Direct Service (SCT1) launched.
  • Jul.24th.2013 Huizhou office established.
  • Aug.4th.2012 Shenzhen branch established.
  • May.7th.2012 Shantou branche stablished.
  • Apr.28th.2012 Provided 2nd service from Shanghai/Ningbo to Taiwan.
  • Mar. 6th.2012 South China Taiwan direct service (II) launched.
  • Feb.27th.2011 South China Taiwan Direct Service (STD) additionally called Huizhou and became the first Huizhou to Taiwan direct call Service in history.
  • Sept.27th.2010 The Central China to Taiwan Service (HDT) launched.
  • Aug.20th.2009 Sponsor to transport the relief supplies to Taiwan for reconstruction of damages by “8/8 Morakot typhoon”.
  • Feb.13rd.2009 South China Taiwan Direct Service (STD) maiden called at Shenzhen and became the first Shenzhen to Taiwan direct call service in history.
  • Feb.12nd.2009 South China Taiwan Direct Service (STD) maiden calls at Guangzhou.
  • Jan.18th.2009 The maiden voyage ceremony of South China Taiwan Direct Service (STD) was held at Shantou.
  • Apr.30th.2008 Domestic service “Taicang to Huangpu” launched.
  • Dec. 1st.2007 The second South China to Vietnam Service (SVG II) launched.
  • Aug.25th.2007 South China to Vietnam Service (SVG) added calling at Fangcheng Port in Guangxi province.
  • Aug.1st.2007 CUL’s first international Service, South China to Vietnam Service (SVG) launched.
  • May.10th.2007 The domestic service “Tianjin-Ningbo-Taicang” launched.
  • Sep.8th.2006 The domestic coastal feeder service “Qingdao-Shanghai-Lianyungang”launched.
  • Jul.22nd.2006 The domestic service “Tianjin-Huangpu” launched.
  • Mar.17th.2006 CUL commenced the first liner service, “Qingdao-Shanghai-Ningbo”domestic service by M/V “Lian He Tian Shan”.
  • Feb.17th.2006 CUL held the Opening Ceremony at Shenzhen Shangri-La Hotel.
  • Nov.11th.2005 MV GANG SHUN was renamed as MV LIAN HE TIAN SHAN.
  • Sep.1st.2005 China United Lines Ltd was registered and founded.