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CULines Enhance China-Tailand Market
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Following the first step to enter China to Vietnam, Thailand market with CTX service in July, CULines recently will add a further China - Vietnam - Thailand service named as VTX3 that will improve connectivity on the China- Southeast Asia trade. This service will be ensured on a weekly basis and provide customers more choices from China to the Thai region.

This service calls at Shanghai, Ningbo, Ho Chi Minh City, Bangkok, Laem Chabang, Manila and Shanghai.

Schedule is as flws: Shanghai to Ho Chi Minh City: 6 days, Shanghai to Bangkok: 9 days, Shanghai to Laem Chabang: 10 days. The VTX3 service will become effective with the sailing from Shanghai on 5th November.

CULines provide new VTX3 service to enhance South East Asia service network, port coverage and service frequency, CULines is assuring that customers will be further benefited from its faster and better service.

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